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Anonymous said: Sherlock + 8




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Alethea - A rebel and a skirt chaser!

This is a scene, that could have been lost in the episode, its just a small thing but I think its an important scene for how Shaw saw Harold. It reminds me of the episode where Buffy & the Scooby Gang learned about Giles’ wild and rebellious phase in his youth. 

I think it was important for Shaw to know Harold wasn’t always this straight laced rules person as he’s projecting to her, that there was a time when young!Harold and Shaw would have gotten along quite well. 

Also, I will forever love Shaw’s impressed and amused face at knowing Harold used to be quite the ladies’ man. 

I was very careful how I built the movie. One of the other things I decided was that I wanted a female lead who has the equal force as the male leads. She’s not going to be a sex kitten, she’s not going to come out in cutoff shorts and a tank top, and it’s going to be a real earnestly drawn character. Guillermo del Toro

 Dragons were discovered some five thousand years ago by the Valyrians in the Fourteen Fires, a ring of volcanoes on the Valyrian peninsula. The Valyrians mastered the art of raising dragons and used them as weapons of war to carve out a massive empire.  

According to legend, a dragon may be tamed by sounding the Dragon Horn. The dragonlords of old sounded such horns, before the Doom devoured them.